Supported Lodgings Scheme

Supported Lodgings hosts provide accommodation in a similar setup to Nottingham Nightstop but as a move-on option for young people who have been hosted through Nightstop. However, the young person stays with the host for a few months instead of a few nights. The Supported Lodgings host is paid rent and money towards bills by the young person. If you would be interested in being part of this developing service, please get in touch.

Shared Housing Project

We are looking at setting up shared houses with single young professionals/students who would be willing to live in a shared house alongside peers and a young person who has moved on from using Nottingham Nightstop emergency accommodation. Volunteers would be asked to commit to living in the shared house for a minimum of one year and must be able to pay their own rent and bills. If you are interested in being part of this developing service, please contact us.

Mentoring Scheme

After a young person has moved into long term accommodation from the Supported Lodgings or Shared Houses project, we want to be able to help them to settle into their new home and build a strong support network.  This is where our Mentoring Scheme will come into play – starting with helping with practicalities such as setting up utility bills, our mentors will support the young person until they feel confident in their new environment and to avoid feeling isolated as they settle in.  If you would be interested in becoming a mentor, please contact us.