Supported Lodgings Scheme

Supported Lodgings hosts provide longer term accommodation as a move-on option for young people who have had emergency accommodation through Nightstop. The young person may stay with the host for 6 – 12 months, depending on their individual circumstances.

Young people, hosted on Supported Lodgings, are given the opportunity to get back on their feet after what can be a very unsettled time. Work or education is often disrupted by homelessness, leading to a downward spiral. By staying in a host’s home the opportunity to get out of homelessness, build life skills and manage their situation becomes a real possibility. Each young person is given a support worker to help guide them through the challenges they face. They may need to access health or benefits or other support services. Each young person will need the chance to make sense of their situation before moving on with their life. Being able to offer a listening ear, practical support and perhaps even a cooking lesson or two is all part of of being a Supported Lodgings host.

Supported Lodgings placements are set up with a tenancy agreement in which clear expectations of behaviour are made. The young person will pay rent and money towards bills. They are able to apply for housing benefits and manage the tenancy themselves in order to help prepare for greater independence. Sustaining or getting back into work or education is a priority which the young person must agree to.

If you would be interested in being part of this project please get in touch.