What is Nottingham Nightstop?
Nottingham Nightstop is an initiative to prevent youth homelessness. Nottingham Nightstop is born out of the desire to ensure that all young people have access to safe and secure accommodation that is appropriate to their needs.

The Concept
The Nightstop concept is simple: it provides safe emergency overnight accommodation in the homes of trained volunteer host families, and does so to young people aged 16-25 who are at the point of becoming homeless. This accommodation is on a short term basis until more permanent and appropriate accommodation can be found.

Our young people access Nottingham Nightstop after being referred by a youth or homelessness agency such as Housing Aid and Framework Housing Crisis Service. Nottingham Nightstop offers homeless young people a safe place to stay, a listening ear and ‘breathing space’ to work through their options. In doing so, Nottingham Nightstop provides a safety net at a moment of great vulnerability.

In 2016 we offered 197 nights of accommodation for homeless young people. Since we began in 2006, Nottingham Nightstop has provided over 1,850 bednights to over 600 young people.

Nottingham Nightstop is the key focus of the charity Open Homes.





Everyone is so welcoming and friendly.  Thank you to all my hosts!
YP 1