March 24, 2023 2:37 am

Maisie (not real name) was referred to Open Homes by Safe Families early in February after a family dispute. There had been long term issues with both her mum and her brother, with Maisie facing emotional and physical abuse. As she was studying in Nottingham she needed accommodation nearer to her college, although she was from another area.

Maisie’s situation was chaotic with different agencies unable to help her. She was not accepted into the YMCA because they couldn’t safely accommodate her due to her mental health needs.

Nottingham Nightstop provided a placement for Maisie with volunteer hosts in to allow time for the local housing authority to assess her needs. Unfortunately, they were very slow to do so, which contributed further to the uncertainty of the situation. Maisie continued to study throughout this period, although it was disrupted by the lack of progress.

Maisie’s benefit claim was also in question and her mother were still claiming child benefit for her. Open Homes made contact with the benefit agency to try to sort out the details of her claim, which might have affected her ability to access housing.

After little progress on the part of the local authority, Open Homes Nottingham continued to pursue options for Maisie and helped her book an appointment to visit accommodation provided by Transitions South (Supported Accommodation by Framework).  Maisie was accepted into Framework’s supported accommodation and moved in at the end of February.

Throughout this time Maisie was housed and transported by Nightstop volunteers. She was made to feel welcome and experienced normal home life. We work to support each young person and to open up better options for them than would otherwise be the case. Being a volunteer means with Nightstop means we can keep young people safe and help them move forward. Please join us if you have a heart towards young people and you could accommodate a young person in your home.

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