February 23, 2023 3:18 pm

Being homeless is a scary experience for anyone but you don’t need to face it alone. If you are in a housing crisis talk to Housing Aid at Loxley House about your options. They can advise you and if necessary refer you to Open Homes. We will find a safe place to stay with a volunteers host (Nightstop)

Our Support Worker will speak to Housing aid and to other agencies who may be involved. There is a 24 hour on-call number to reach them in an emergency. They will also signpost you towards other help that is available.

Staying on Nightstop with an unfamiliar host family may be an anxious thought, however, we have helped hundreds of young people for nearly 20 years. They’ve said:

I’ve honestly never met a family like this

I left feeling really inspired knowing that people do actually care

Very welcoming and lovely. Genuinely really nice hosts who made me feel very comfortable

The hosts were extremely supportive and friendly; they made the stay very welcoming and listened to what I had to say

100% said that their journey to Nightstop was easy

100% said the hosts were welcoming and friendly

100% said they were offered a meal

100% felt safe with Nightstop

100% were happy overall with Nightstop

77% said Nightstop made a positive difference to their situation